Chow Gar Kung Fu

What is Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu

Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu (Mandarin: Zhou Jia Tang Lang) is one of the styles of the southern praying mantis. This style was founded by Chow Anh Nam. Like Pak Mei or Long Ying, Chow Gar is a Hakka style. The Hakkas are an ethnic group from southern China. Hakka means something like northern guests. Eventually they settled in southern China. In addition to their martial arts, the Hakkas also have their own Chinese dialect and culture. Their fighting styles are straightforward and designed to be effective. Above all, the hand techniques dominate. That's why the Chow Gar belongs to the short distance styles. In addition to form training, emphasis is placed on hardening, two-man drills, self-defense, weapons and also Qi Gong exercises (breathing exercises). According to legend, Chow Anh Nam is said to have observed a praying mantis fighting a bird and developed a modified Shaolin style from it, which for a long time was only taught to a few. Initially only Hakkas were taught in it